Digipen Projects:



Douse is a 2D poetic experience platformer that I created in my sophomore year.  I have some posts on it already on my blog, including a post-mortem. I wrote the physics engine and worked in game play code for the majority of the project. I also heavily contributed the design of the game, creating the major moments of the experience.

Here’s the website and the Facebook page.

Silent Moon

Silent Moon is a 3D poetic experience game. The core experience is based around collecting shards of the moon after it has exploded. I led and helped forge the initial vision and created a great deal of technology for this project. I have a summary post about it on the main page. This was a great project for me, as working in 3D was an entirely new experience. I got a chance to create an immersive prototype for a game, which gave me a great deal of knowledge moving forward.


Lignum is a 2D poetic experience point and click game. This project is an ambitious labor of love for my Junior and possible Senior year. I have the title of Creative Director and Tech Lead, which may seem like conflicting roles, but I’ve found them to complement each other so far. We’ve brought back the amazing art talent from Douse to work on it, and it may stretch the normal time constraints of a traditional student project. Everyone on board is extremely excited to work on it and move it forward. This project is a work in progress.

The facebook page is here, and the website can be found here.

The above three projects are Copyright © 2013 DigiPen (USA) Corporation. All rights reserved

Game Jams:


This was a 7DFPS game that I created over the span of a couple days. It was a smaller scale game jam, and my first one overall. I had a blast and learned a lot about Unity in the process. I feel like I got a decent prototype down, and it’s pretty darn fun to play.

As a disclaimer, it is a prototype done on an extremely rushed (a few days while still working full time) schedule, so it’s got its bugs and bruises. That being said, I feel like it’s a great prototype and fairly experimental, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

The link to the game jam site is here, and the direct game can be found here.

Burger Odyssey

Burger Odyssey was my first ever Ludum Dare Comp entry. For those unfamiliar, the Ludum Dare Compo is a competitive game jam done in 48 hours. I wanted to make an interesting game so I jumped right in. Like all game jam games, it’s a little rough, but it was a total blast to make. It even ranked in the top 10% of entries for innovation, as the theme was 10 seconds and I made a burger flipping simulator.

The link to the main entry page can be found here.

Fire Don’t Forget

Fire Don’t Forget was another Ludum Dare game jam game. The theme this time was “You Only Get One”. It was another tense race to the finish like before, but I feel like I got a lot more done this time around. There’s a scoring system, and even a minor reason to replay it.

The link to the submission can be found here.

Prototype Medley

These are screenshots from a semester of prototyping projects. I made these on a constricted time frame while trying to explore and flesh out an interesting mechanic. I explored mechanics such as level difficulty increasing every time you beat it, keeping both hands on the keyboard to move obstacles out of the way of the player, and navigation of a level with very little visual aid. Here are some screenshots of each project individually:

Iterative Difficulty Platformer

Keyboard Level Control

Sightless Sound Navigation

You can find a write up of all the projects here.

Forest of Finance

The Forest of Finance was a game jam done in the theme of Games for Good. It’s a simple game about teaching children the basics of finance, such as interest, credit cards, and loans.

The write up on the game can be found here, and the direct link to the game can be found here.


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