Well, my name is Ryder Hanson and I’m a game developer. I’ve worked on lots of smaller projects and game jams so far, and I’m always on the lookout to learn a new tech, or try out a new mechanic. I work with a small team of people creating games together, serving as both lead technical developer, and designer.

I finished my degree at Digipen Institute of Technology in BSRTIS, which is a Bachelors of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation. Basically this equates to programming for video games. I worked on three games while attending. The first one was in my freshman year and was a simpler puzzle game. The second, Douse, has done reasonably well for itself. It is a 2D poetic-experience game. It won two awards at Digipen, and won a place in the Tokyo Night of Wonder Night. I really poured my heart and soul into it, and I’m proud of what it became and where it has gone. I also worked on a semester long project called “Silent Moon”. It was a 3D poetic experience that really ended up enriching me, both knowledge and design wise. Lastly, I worked on another semester long game titled “Lignum”. It was a two person development team project. The game was a point and click adventure about exploring a village of wooden robots. I learned so much about technology, since I ended up creating the majority of the engine on my own. All my projects and various gamejams have really helped me grow as a developer and I look forward to new experiences.

This blog will be primarily my trials, errors, and musings along my journey into becoming a game developer.


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